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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Giveaway: CyberGhost VPN Special Edition Keys

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I'm currently busy with my exams. Got some time off and saw this promotional offer. The counter was stuck at zero so I've grabbed couple of keys. Giving out the keys for free to my blog readers!


Steps to get the key:

1. Post about my blog on any popular forum.
2. Click on 'g +1' icon if you liked my blog.
3. Drop your Email Address in comment section along with the link of forum where you've posted about my blog!

How to redeem a Cyberghost key?

1. Login to your account- https://account.cyberghostvpn.com/
2. Click on 'My Subscriptions' and enter the key in 'Activation Key' field.
3. Click 'Activate'.

These are the genuine keys that I've got through promotional offer of Cyberghost.

Limited keys. So, hurry up!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Key points that you should follow for high Search Engine rank & visitors

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Here look at some of the reactions when I shared my post:

These people fall in my long time visitors category. It's a positive sign and means that the blog is currently going in the right direction. You should focus on your content and try to bring your website's Bounce Rate percentage as low as possible. If a visitor is coming to your website, he should spend more time by reading other posts of your blog rather than just looking at one post and 'bye bye' :)

So, follow below points:

1. Title of the Post: The title of the post should attract the visitors. Titles like '5 tips for SEO', '7 best tricks to get your website on No. 1' - are outdated and somewhat works only for already ranked blogs.

2. Website DesignUse jQuery & HTML 5 to give your website a fresh feel. Instead of using different UI for mobile & desktop browser, you can use responsive website designs.

3. Avoid Pop-up AdvertisementsEven though many people use Ad-block add-on these days, still avoid use of pop-up advertisements on your website.

4. *Original & Unique Content: Your website should provide different content than your competitors. Visitors shouldn't get 'just another website' feeling.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Full statistics of my blog - Day 1

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First day was good considering the fact that my website isn't visible on Google yet!

Day 1 Stats Overview-
Pageviews: 207
Top Traffic Source: Reddit

Audience Stats-
India, United Sates & United Kindom are top 3 respectively.

Websites & forums where I've advertised-
#1 Reddit.com : http://www.reddit.com/r/seo
#2 Hackforums.net
#3 Blackhatworld.com (without website link)

Note: I've also contributed on above websites!

A simple SEO tip to get USA or any country specific Google traffic to your blog/website

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This tip would definitely help Cost Per Action (CPA) & Pay Per Download (PPD) marketers because traffic from France & USA have highest conversion for them!

If you want to get traffic from USA, you have to become one of them. For e.g. here's how result differs in Google when you search from India & USA-



Indian users search for the ways to get traffic from USA whereas people in USA search for the ways to get from Pinterest & Instagram!

Q. How to get traffic from USA?

Use any free VPN like vpnbook.com and connect to USA server. Now type in google (as you see in above screenshots), collect the top keywords and balance them! Create a post with original content and advertise it on USA forums, blogs etc. By doing this, you get quality backlinks from USA!

Also, make sure the blogs & forums where you advertise are related to your Niche. Don't go for high traffic instead aim for returning & long-time visitors!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

SEO is all about original content & updates!

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Note: I am not a SEO expert, I just have original content & regular updates!

Well, 3 years ago I had two blogs and they topped the Google Search Engine rank within 1-2 months (Niche specific). 1 of the website had approx. 90,000 alexa rank. Isn't it too high? It took me about 4-5 months to reach 90,000 (approx.) alexa rank. I didn't knew anything about SEO or backlinks at that time. I never used any tool or paid to get my website on no.1 on Google.

The website was - http://newhacksonly.blogspot.com (Someone else registered it now)
Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/newhacksonly

So, how did my website get high rank in short time?